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Whether you travel to a city for three days, three weeks or three months, we know it’s increasingly important to you to become part of the fabric of the city you visit. As a result, we see it as our job to give you an insight into how residents live, work and play in the city, with cherry-picked recommendations from locals of where you can find collaborative workspaces and homely city crash pads, or where you can meet up with like-minded people and find places you can visit to get away from the crowds. Perhaps you want to stay for longer than the length of a vacation or work trip, or want dream about the possibilities at least, in which case you might be curious to find out how to hire office space or gain work as a freelancer, where you can learn the language, and which neighbourhood would suit you best to live in.

Carl Goes wants you to become a citizen of the cities you visit

This is why we think Carl Goes is different from other travel guides. It’s not about highlighting the well-trodden backpacker trails and tourist sites everyone already knows about, nor is it about featuring the most visually impressive sites of a city without any substance behind it. You want to know about the river barge doubling as a spa, the art gallery hiding away in a concrete car park on the edge of town, and how to discover the city for yourself. You want to know how local residents experience the city, where you can take your laptop to work for a day among like- minded professionals or creatives, and where you can sample cuisines prepared by trailblazing chefs.

Wandering aimlessly without a plan sometimes brings unexpected inspiration

Carl Goes guides are about presenting cities from local viewpoints: our guides are driven by insights from the people who actually live in a city. Juxtaposing our hand-picked recommendations of things to do and places to go with interviews giving the spotlight to a range of the city’s residents, Carl Goes helps you become part of the city scene. Whether you’re travelling for three days, three weeks or three months, a Carl Goes guide makes a destination a place to call home.

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Sascha Mengerink, Publisher
Sasha Arms, Editor and Author

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