Carl Goes Detroit

Detroit is officially buzzing. Despite a roller coaster ride in terms of economy and opportunities in recent decades, the city is undergoing a creative revival that is making Detroit a striking and stimulating place to spend time. City residents are a combination of native Detroiters and a recent influx of creatives and hipsters intent on starting up businesses and initiatives in a city that’s steamrollered into trendiness. The sense of community in the small city is palpable, with many neighbourhood organisations and volunteering extensions of co-working spaces and start-up companies. By bringing these people together, these people are in turn continuing to bring Detroit up. Working together for individual and common goals is the order of the day in Detroit, but there’s plenty of time for play too, with new micro-breweries, food trucks and avant-garde shops and markets opening up in droves.

Carl Goes Detroit is the city guide for curious and creative people who want to become a citizen of Detroit for the duration of their stay, whether it’s for three days, three weeks or three months. Carl Goes Detroit includes:

  • Eight interviews with locals, from entrepreneurial start-up owners to creative urban revivalists;

  • Information about working in Detroit, including co-working spaces, networking and industry events, practical information about how to set up a business and where to go for a working lunch;

  • Guides to the different neighbourhoods in Detroit, including tips of where local residents like to hang out;

  • Our top tips of how to spend three days, three weeks and three months in Detroit;

  • Where to eat and drink in Detroit, from craft breweries and hipster bars, to traditional diners and splash-out restaurants;

  • Where to stay in Detroit, from modern hotels to city apartments;

  • Ideas of how to ‘get lost’ in the city to explore Detroit for yourself;

  • Practical information about how to get there, get around and generally get by in Detroit for the duration of your trip;

  • Day and weekend trips away from Detroit, and a guide to other places in the world with a similar vibe to Detroit;

  • More than 100 colour photographs to give you a sense of Detroit’s DNA.

Book details
Format: Paperback, full colour

Size: 21”x13”

Coming soon early 2016