Irmela Schautz and Annabelle Von Sperber

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Illustrators Irmela Schautz and Annabelle Von Sperber met when organising the Long Night of Illustration in Berlin, and have been the best of friends ever since. They love spending time in the city’s cultural institutions, exploring the many restaurants and bars in Prenzlauer Berg, and barbecuing in Irmela’s ‘secret’ garden.
Our favourite Berlin tip from Irmela Schautz and Annabelle Von Sperber: Visiting Kunstoffe in Pankow to find hundreds of materials no longer needed – perfect for upcycling by artists.

Berlin is a place where a lot of people try new things. People will try something out and see if they can make money from it.
— Irmela Schautz and Annabelle von Sperber

Sylee Gore


American food blogger and publishing executive Sylee Gore came to Berlin for a short visit in 2000...and never left. Totally in love with the Berlin ethos of savouring the present, the famous work-life balance and the lack of materialism, Sylee has made it her mission to track down the best of the best foodie offerings in the city.
Our favourite Berlin tip from Sylee Gore: The unpretentious hearty fare and flea market furniture of A. Horn restaurant on the canal.

Aydo Schosswald

Photo: 2013 Hy!

Photo: 2013 Hy!

Established German entrepreneur Aydo Schosswald is the co-founder of a company that helps start-up businesses make waves in the digital landscape. A disciplined and successful businessman, Aydo loves the people of Berlin and is proud to live in the greatest city for creative start-ups.
Our favourite Berlin tip from Aydo Schosswald: Travel on the U-Bahn’s U8 line to go people-watching, especially for entrepreneurs whose offices are found all along the line.

The best thing about any city is its people and what they make of it.
— Aydo Schosswald

Thilde van Norel

Dutch violin maker Thilde van Norel lives and works in Berlin with her guitar-making husband and their two children. A talented instrument-maker with a network of musician friends, Thilde loves the freedom, space and creativity Berlin embodies.
Our favourite Berlin tip from Thilde van Norel: The book store and social initiative Büchertisch at Mehringdamm, where all children can choose a free book. Local schools receive regular book donations from the store too.

Berlin is full of artists, students and music lovers. That’s why we’re here.
— Thilde van Norel

Danilo and Fabio Carlucci

Half Swiss, half Italian brothers Danilo and Fabio Carlucci have been exploring Berlin for a number of months while starting up their new business. They love people, technology and enjoying the quirkier pastimes Berlin has to offer.
Our favourite Berlin tip from Danilo and Fabio Carlucci: Heading over to Mauerpark on Sundays for the flea market, street artists and open air karaoke.

East Berlin really is the real Berlin
— Danilo and Fabio Carlucci

Dimitri Hegemann

Photo: Marie Staggat

Photo: Marie Staggat

Cultural activist, techno legend and native German Dimitri Hegemann has lived in Berlin for decades. Famous for reclaiming a space where the Berlin Wall once stood and turning it into an internationally renowned nightclub, Dimitri is as influential in the music and cultural scene across the world as he is in his home city of Berlin itself.
Our favourite Berlin tip from Dimitri Hegemann: Grabbing a croissant and a hair cut at Salon Sucre on Görlitzer-Strasse.


Art is the only key to cities and localities not becoming boring and dangerous.
— Dimitri Hegemann