Who is Carl?

Carl Goes is named after an old friend with wanderlust who died too young. Carl was an avid collector of travel guides from the 1800s, a time in which a global standard for travel books was set.

Our friend Carl had only debts when he passed away, so everything he owned had to be sold at auction. We decided to pool our money and buy back everything we knew he loved — some antique paintings, family jewellery, and of course, his beloved travel book collection. Remarkably, when the antique traders in the room realised we were the friends and family of our dear friend, they stopped bidding, helping us save everything we could.

We wanted to pay tribute to our friend Carl by creating a modern-day series of books encapsulating a new type of travel, where work, play, creativity and curiosity combine. Capturing the spirit of the man Carl Goes is named after, our guides are for all the curious and creative folks on the planet. We hope Carl would be proud.